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Lincoln Electric Welders

February 2, 2015

Lincoln Electric WeldersWelding can be a daunting process for inexperienced welders, but with the right equipment and guidance it can be made a lot easier.

The Lincoln range of welding machines and equipment is of the highest quality to suit the inexperienced, to the most professional welders.

Horsham Hydraulics is your authorised Lincoln Electric distributor, located in Horsham, Victoria.

Lincoln’s Premium Range offers a 3 year warranty while their Powercraft range offers a 1 to 3 year warranty – depending on the machine.

The range includes Plasma cutters, MIG, TIG and ARC welders, as well as all accessories which include welding helmets and jackets.

Horsham Hydraulics use and trust Lincoln equipment and because of this our knowledge is extensive.

Come in and see the team at Horsham Hydraulics about the Lincoln Electric range today.