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The Tough Year Ahead

January 4, 2016

The Tough Year Ahead

Happy New Year!

We know the farming season hasn’t been great for many, so rather than fork out loads for new equipment, the best advice we can give is to look after the machinery and equipment you already have.  If you keep up with the maintenance you can potentially save yourself big money in the event of a major breakdown.

So today we’re going to offer some handy advice to keep you going without breaking the bank.

  • Be sure to replace weeping hoses before they blow;
  • If your cylinders have a leak, bring them in for a quick repair before they fail completely and cause you expensive downtime in the middle of the paddock;
  • Get any fluid leaks on hydraulic motors checked out as soon as possible. It’s far easier and less expensive to replace seals than it is to buy a whole new motor!
  • Do all these checks before the sowing season begins to ensure you get off to a good start.

If you look after your machinery, no matter how old, you can find ways to reduce your expenses and cut out any costly downtime to ensure your machinery is running at an optimal level all year round.

We’re all feeling the pinch and we are all in this together, so we’re happy to help out however we can to get you through the tough season ahead.

For any machinery maintenance or repairs please call the guys in the know, Horsham Hydraulics on (03) 5382 0574.

And in the event of a breakdown we can come out to you onsite with one of our fully equipped hydraulic service vehicles and onsite engineering truck. Call us 24/7 for emergency repairs to get you going again!

Horsham Hydraulics onsite hydraulic service and onsite engineering service travel to all areas in the Wimmera and beyond.

Best wishes for the year ahead – May it glow with possibilities!