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Wood Saw Project

July 21, 2016



At Horsham Hydraulics we are renowned for our innovation and design of custom built projects.

Recently we had the opportunity to design and build a Wood Saw to mount on the back of a New Holland LB110.B Front End Loader/Backhoe. This type of Backhoe was perfect for the project due to its flow of approximately 130 LPM at 206 bar pressure.

At the beginning of the design process we needed to do some calculations to find out the hydraulic requirements. Once we knew the tip speed of the 1200mm diameter saw, horsepower and RPM required, we could start to design the hydraulic system.

We chose to use a Samhydraulik H1C bent axis piston motor due to its ability to handle the speed and horsepower requirements of the saw. We needed this system designed so we could then plan the frame work for the quick hitch. The frame work design process took a while as we had to make it as compact as possible without compromising strength and accessibility. We had the frame work waterjet cut out of steel plate, allowing precision in the fabrication stage.

After the frame was fabricated we made the safety guards to cover the moving parts and to direct the saw dust to the ground. Our machinist machined the shaft to suit the bearings and coupling between the hydraulic motor and machined the clamping plates for the blade.

Once all the components were made, we began to assemble the unit. This step included fitting the frame to the machine, fitting the motor, making and fitting steel pipes along the boom and stick, as well as running hoses in between. We were sure to purge the lines with oil so the motor wouldn’t run without oil on start up.

Before the blade was fit up we ran the unit to set the maximum RPM of the motor. This was the exciting part when everyone gathers around to see all their work come together and run smoothly. We started off by running the saw at low RPM before checking the clamping plates were still tight – You definitely don’t want the blade flying off at high speeds! The final step was to run the machine at operating speed and test it out by cutting some wood. We were very happy with the result, with the Wood Saw cutting the wood like butter and in good time!

The Wood Saw is now in use and has done hundreds of tonnes of wood to date so far.

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