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Custom Spray Tank For Goldacres Boomspray

September 29, 2016 Custom Made Spray Tank for Goldacres Boomspray


At Horsham Hydraulics we have a growing reputation for our stainless steel spray tank extensions.  More recently we were asked to build a tank from scratch for a Goldacres Boomspray.

The existing plastic tank was damaged and our customer opted for a custom built stainless steel tank to replace it.  It began with the design stage which meant carrying out computerised full 3D drawings of the tank to make sure its physical size, weight and capacity were correct before starting the job.

Once the design stage was complete we had the material laser cut for better accuracy in the fabrication stage.  We then had the material so we began by building the sump on a jig frame (the same size as the chassis of the machine).  We rolled the tank sections and lifted them into place with an overhead crane, and then welded these to the sump.

Once these were in place we rolled the tank ends and welded them to the tank. The fittings could then be installed and the tank was able to be fully welded inside and out.

It was a long process pressure testing the tank and the great thing is we did not have any leaks! Just to be sure though we filled the tank with water which confirmed it.  After the testing we polished all the welds and fitted the tank to the machine.  It took five days from the start of fabrication until the completion of the manufacture.

The customer was very happy with the product we produced, which meant we were too 😉

If you need a custom built spray tank or would just like to get your spray tank extended to save you time and money during the busy farming season, call the guys at Horsham Hydraulics for an obligation free quote.  We regularly have tanks from all over Australia in our busy workshop to be extended.