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Header fire prevention this harvest

November 20, 2017


Summer hasn’t arrived and already temperatures are soaring and fire warnings have sounded. If ever there was a summer harvest when farmers and contractors needed to be alert to header fire prevention, this is the one.

The threat of header fires is never far from the minds of Australian grain farmers each harvest and a blaze sparked from cropping machinery has far-reaching implications, and not just to the ripe crop.

There is the potential for damage to valuable machinery, the threat to life, the threat to neighbouring properties and, of course, the effect on already-expensive insurance premiums.

Tornado Harvester Airflow System prevents header fires

Fortunately, farmers and harvesting contractors now have an option to significantly reduce or prevent header fires. Wimmera engineering company Horsham Hydraulics has created the Tornado Harvester Airflow System, specifically designed to reduce the risk of header fires.

Header fire prevention

Prevent header fires! Horsham Hydraulics has devised new header fire prevention equipment for graingrowers and contractors.

Dust is the number one suspect in header fires, and removing dust, dirt and other debris is the key to header fire prevention. The Tornado Harvester Airflow System’s automated fan system keeps dust off suspect fire sources in harvesting machinery, such as the exhaust manifold, engine bay, rotor shaft and battery, reducing the potential for fire to start.

The Tornado comprises a high-powered fan which pushes air through up to 12 vents and blows dust and other fire triggers off machinery hot spots. A camera feeding to a display in the harvester cabin allows the operator to ensure the fire prevention system is working properly.

Horsham Hydraulics has worked on the header fire prevention system with district farmers following a series of fires in the Wimmera-Mallee grainbelt during the 2016 harvest. The Tornado Harvester Airflow System was on show at the AgQuip Commonwealth Bank Field Day where the equipment received positive feedback from graingrowers and contractors.

Fire prevention system fits most headers

The Horsham Hydraulics team has thoroughly tested the Tornado fire prevention system and designed the equipment so it fits most harvesters, including Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Gleaner, Claas, John Deere and Case IH. To find out more about this innovative system and to prevent header fires this harvest, contact the Horsham Hydraulics team today to order your own Tornado.

Horsham Hydraulics also wants to hear from businesses interested in distributing the Tornado Harvester Airflow System. For distributor inquiries, call Eddy or Richard Nagorcka on (03) 5382 0574.