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Tornado harvester airflow system

The Tornado Harvester Airflow System is on the front line in preventing harvester fires.

The Tornado system  has many benefits and features;

  • Minimises the risk of fire causing damage to your harvester
  • Reduces potential for major crop losses through fire
  • Improves productivity by eliminating blow down time
  • ¬†Fits a large range of harvester makes and models
    • Case IH
    • Claas
    • Gleaner
    • John Deere
    • Massey Ferguson
    • New Holland
  • System monitoring. The system is connected to a cab-mounted display which allows the harvester operator to check that the system is operating effectively
  • Multiple air outlets. Features 6 to 12 fan outlets which are placed in high risk areas such as the engine bay, exhaust system, battery, rotor, shaft and bearings. Ensuring dust and debris doesn’t settle on hot spots and ignite.
  • Powerful Fan system. At the heart of the system is a powerful fan, which helps deliver air flow to each outlet. The fan is covered by a long lasting ventilated cover to enable airflow, while stopping and major obstructions from entering the fan.


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